🧵 Can you believe @[email protected] is this week(-end) already?

This year and for the first time, the Matrix.org Foundation and Community have a dev room at FOSDEM… and we have some excellent talks coming up!

⏬ Le menu du jour of Sunday 6 is in this thread ⏬

10:00 CET - "The Matrix State of the Union"

An opening keynote by @[email protected] in which he gives an overview of the Matrix ecosystem, the exciting changes coming to the protocol, and where the Foundation's focus is going to be.

There's a lot to cover!

10:30 CET - "The next generation of Matrix interfaces"

You know it, bridges are one of the strengths of Matrix. @[email protected] the bridgesman is going to cover what we can improve to make integrations feel more native.

10:50 CET - "Opsdroid"

Oleg walks us through how to create a Matrix conversational bot in a few lines with Opsdroid… and even how to make it quite clever with @[email protected]'s OSS framework.

All of that in less than 20 minutes. That's how simple it is.

11:10 CET - "Events for the Uninitiated"

Or "everything you always wanted to know about Matrix but were afraid to ask", in which Shay covers the protocol's basics.

A gentle introduction for those who like to know what happens behind the scenes.



11:40 CET - "Making /sync go fast"

Yes, decentralising can be hard, and Matrix has room for improvement in terms of performance… and that's something we've taken very seriously.

In this talk Kegan explains how he is going to make Matrix go voom


12:10 CET - "The matrix-rust-sdk"

In which Poljar covers architecture decisions & tradeoffs around the matrix-rust-sdk, before @[email protected] teases the much anticipated rewrite of @[email protected]'s Matrix client Fractal, built on matrix-rust-sdk

13:10 CET - Lightning talks

An hour of short and interesting talks around Matrix to catch your breath. Building an MMO on Matrix, collaborative apps, custom stickers, getting stats about your Matrix rooms and much much more!

14:10 CET - "Ansible + Matrix: Through The Looking Glass"

The excellent @[email protected] comes back on how things unfolded when the @[email protected] community adopted Matrix and how they made it happen.

Community managers, you want to watch this one!

14:40 CET - "All things with moderation"

Is it possible to keep a healthy community on a network with no central authority? Yes it is, and David tells us how this works in practice


15:10 CET - "Growing Pinecones for P2P Matrix"

Can Matrix be even more decentralised than it is today? Likely, and P2P is one possible answer. Building a mesh network has unique challenges and Neil gives us a glimpse at work taking place in that area


15:40 CET - "Self-sovereign end-to-end encrypted file storage on Matrix"

In which Hugh tells us about his efforts to make Matrix support the next generation of privacy-centric collaboration applications.

Sounds cryptic? We can't spoil the talk!


16:10 CET - "Mission: threading for all"

Threads are coming (soon™) to Matrix ! @[email protected] tells us everything about the journey of adding a feature to the Matrix protocol, with the practical example of threads.


16:40 CET - "Extend the capabilities of your Synapse homeserver"

@[email protected] covers Synapse's module system and how they make it extremely flexible

17:10 UTC - "MLS meets Matrix"

Hubert is going to explain how the upcoming encryption standard MLS could be a good fit for Matrix and what it would take to use it


17:40 UTC - "Native Group VoIP and Metaverse on Matrix"

Matrix is not just for IM: @[email protected] worked on adding support for native decentralized E2E encrypted group video calling… and even has @[email protected] a nice VR project based on Matrix. Yes really!


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