🗞️ TWIM is out!

During the previous week the Matrix community has been hard at work beyond instant messaging… and much more!

@matrix I don't understand why a second redundant protocol is needed, when you can just mark a thread to be those involved only. While I think it's cool people are developing, I think I'm missing the point? What about broken previews, that needs developers... ?

Thread discussing this (and I may be the only one who cares, but, worth a shot to point out):

@matrix broken branch points in the logic tree all over, mix up discussions by forcing the timeline display rather than navigate the conversation in a logic tree, that's a MESS, and makes discussion of topics almost impossible to follow. It's a usability problem with every front end interface I've tried so far.

Hi @matrix, you might want to rethink the following:

quarterly spec updates may actually seem too fast. This is OK; implementations of the spec are not expected to update as soon as a new spec release is published. Rather, it is more realistic to expect that the ecosystem updates gradually over the course of the next few months/year after the release.

I know this is not intended and I’m grateful for a subset of recent specs changes, doing this could pace other client and server implementations out, and consequently their users as well. It’d be great if it gets a little more conservative especially after 1.x was out.

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