Hold on everyone, for it's the *biggest ever* Matrix Holiday Special - a comprehensive tour of all the amazing things that Matrix got up to in 2021, and a premonition of things to come in 2022! Happy holidays everyone & thanks for flying Matrix! 🎄☃️☄️🎊🎄

@matrix Conduit is beta?! 😮 Cool! 🚀 That managed to completely pass me by.

I need pretty restrictive complexity rules on my li'l' Synapse homeserver that could; 😉 maybe I can push the kit farther with Conduit. 🤔 Exciting!

I read completely and can't deny I'm hyped. 🙂

Between all the bad news about corona, we almost forget that some things are going really, really well!

Thank you so much,, for the fantastic work you're doing and congratulations on seeing it take off like this. I'll do my part and continue to do what I've done for the last 3 years: convince everybody and their mother to use #Matrix. If things work out the way I hope, our company will be building a lot of Matrix servers for our clients in 2022, ranging from small companies to big universities.

Happy holidays to everybody!
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