This is *huge* news - the DMA has passed in the EU Parliament, including the interoperability extension to social media, mandating that the big tech gatekeepers must adopt open standards for interoperability. The world is changing... :D

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The European Parliament has adopted its position on the Digital Markets Act with 642 votes for, 8 against, and 46 abstentions.


@matrix what is the actual definition of social media - does that include messengers? Would that mean Slack and Teams have to interoperate with others also? That would be awesome (as long as it's not greenwashed with bridges and stupid webhooks). Thanks!

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not sure if this is the right source but defines "gatekeepers" as:

- has a strong economic position, significant impact on the internal market and is active in multiple EU countries
- has a strong intermediation position, meaning that it links a large user base to a large number of businesses
- has (or is about to have) an entrenched and durable position in the market, meaning that it is stable over time

@logburn interesting, thank you. Reading this:

"Gatekeepers will keep all opportunities to innovate and offer new services. They will simply not be allowed to use unfair practices towards the business users and customers that depend on them to gain an undue advantage."

I'm waiting with bated breath what they will do against the Gatekeeper That Rules Them All - microsoft.


Not really sure how to interpret it, but this one looks particularly nice:

allow third parties to inter-operate with the gatekeeper’s own services in certain specific situations

Depending on how "specific situations" are going to be defined, this could possible mean that Suckerberg e.a. could be forced to open their platforms to Signal, Telegram and Matrix. That would mean bridges would no longer be necessary, or at least could be much, much simpler.

Then again, I may be an optimist.
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