Did we say we were Matrix fast, including for very large accounts?

We are.

Full demo and details on Friday, in Matrix Live.

To be clear: this is the first photographic evidence of sync v3 in the wild, integrated in Hydrogen. It’s very early days still (and needs an MSC!), but as you can see, the left hand side goes voom.

@matrix Those empty spaces in a list after scrolling hanging for 2-3 seconds is an ugliest problem of web-based technology.
The decent client MUST NOT be done on HTML.

@Revertron @matrix

how is it?
You can't display anything unless you have something to display

@KitKat @matrix Yes, an this is the biggest Matrix mistake - you have no quick way to get roster (contact list). For example, in XMPP you don't have such drastic delays. And you don't have such slow HTML-based clients.

@Revertron @matrix
Not sure what a contact list helps you with displaying all rooms quickly.

@matrix having just logged into a fresh Element Desktop client yesterday and had it take *hours* to sync my conversations, I'm very looking forward to this!
It was tricky because I had no idea how far it had progressed, and eventually restarted Element to have it finish loading within a couple of minutes!

@matrix So both panels are using Hydrogen as the client, but the left panel is using new sync backend?

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