Very excited to preview our all-new Native Matrix VoIP/Video Conferencing at @[email protected] today! For everything you ever wanted to hear about MSC3401 and building decentralised cascading E2EE conferencing on Matrix, head over to 📺📺📺

Speaking of decentralized video, where is the #Matrix #Peertube channel? Or even just a #Peertube mirror of the #YouTube channel? It seems odd that the "open standard for decentralised persistent communication" only seems to share videos on a closed, centralized surveillance video platform. :doggoblob:

Super excited for the advancements in native, decentralized, E2EE video calling. Just wish I could learn about them from a similar source.

@matrix Very exciting news! Excellent work. I loved the video and I can't wait for this to be in Element! 🎉

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