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πŸŽ‰ Element One is here; One chat app to bring your WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram chats into Element.

Don’t burn any more bridges with your friends πŸŒ‰ because they're not on Element or Matrix! 😎πŸͺ„


@matrix Imagine having friends lmao, what a bunch of niggerfaggot devs

I get that you're funding development this way, but I think it's too much for those who are currently happy in their walled gardens.
Consider charging only $1 for each month where the less than $low_traffic_limit MB are transferred.
Ultimately, that might work out to make it more popular and generate more funding.

Will use it whenever bridges are fully E2EE :)

@Julian I dont think bridges will get E2EE. You can selfhost the bridge and the matrix server with Full disk encryption.

@matrix happy to be an early adopter :D
The lack of E2EE on bridges like the Signal one kinda sucks though :/

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