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πŸ“£ It's here! EMS launches fully managed Matrix Bridging for WhatsApp, adding another πŸŒ‰ to the list!

Stay in Element while talking to people still using WhatsApp! πŸ›‹οΈ


@matrix Do you do this with official support from Facebook?

@fuesstest @matrix This bridge runs an Android virtual machine with WhatsApp running.. so no

@didek I don't think they are doing it that way for the masses, at least I hope not.

@fuesstest @matrix Maybe the official way that EMS uses is diffrent, i don't know

@didek @fuesstest @matrix mautrix-whatsapp can work in 2 modes - webapp and android VM. With webapp you still need a phone with WhatsApp itself connected (we offer that mode on, with Android VM WhatsApp itself runs on server in VM, but it's hard to properly configure and maintain it.

Anyway congrats EMS with new bridge, hope more people will switch to matrix because of such things! πŸŽ‚

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