Low Bandwidth Matrix is coming... matrix developers may want to take a look at and help us experiment and build it out :)

@matrix I haven't yet understood how should I do it if my install of synapse sits behind a nginx reverse proxy. Element android connects to that nginx on port 443 using https. Should the proxy bind to port 443 and serve the same certificate as nginx?

@matrix It is a desecration of network technology, not "low bandwidth".
Cutting "hello world" message and server-ack message to 6 packets is a total mess.

@matrix Hmm is it possible to bring it to feature parity with http? If so, why wasn't it used in the first place? There must be a drawback, right?

@koyax it already has parity. we did http first because it’s easier.

@matrix Oh, nice! What about the limitations from the Blog post; Are they fixable? Especially the first two of them.

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