RIGHT! It’s beta, but we have a Matrix bridge up for @[email protected]: you can connect to where is the channel. Huge thanks to the team for letting us expose the network on Matrix! We are also working through fixing the bridge bug backlog :)

@matrix game changer!! That’s amazing. Thanks all your opers and staff for an unforgettable outcome to a series of unfortunate events.

@matrix that's very cool!

Do I need to associate my Matrix account with an IRC account like with the old Freenode bridge? If so, how?

@matrix ah, I got it 😃

It is

@ted @matrix When I tried to join a Libera chat room from Matrix, I was also invited to a PM with, which, when asked "!help", shows how to log in. It's just a regular matrix-appservice-irc bridge it appears:

@ted @matrix

talk with to change or register the nick better to use to join rooms

@matrix I think there is a mistake, there is no ‘http://‘ in the room name, so to connect to the channel #foo you can connect to It works already well for me.

@matrix does non-ascii nicks are still "undefined" in matrix-irc-bridge? :)))

@matrix It does unfortunately not work for any of my friends with Matrix. Do you have to do anything special to connect to a IRC channel for the first time?

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