Gitter is now bridged natively to Matrix! As such we will soon retire the previous bridge in favour of the new. Learn more at

@matrix Amazing 😊 Is there a project to bridge XMPP natively?? I think that bridging systems natively is pretty game changing, although i guess it's not simple to implement 👍

@admin @matrix Brittle bridges between Matrix, IRC and Telegram have caused some trouble for the KDE community:

I have myself written messages in a Matrix room that nobody received on the IRC side because the channel was set to allow only registered users. Certain features just don't map well across different networks.

cc: @srevinsaju

@codewiz @admin @matrix

It is possible to, but it is disabled on's IRC appservice builds to reduce scam, misuse and to reduce load on their system.


The IRC bot automatically invites you to a room, and then asks you to verify your identity in the room.'s instance just doesn't do that, possibly to reduce CPU usage (it requires manual intervention). However, I have been automatically invited by their freenode bots in other room, eg: Fedora

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