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Microsoft buying Discord doesn't seem like the end of the world.

In any case if you're looking for an alternative we've been experimenting with @[email protected] for awhile now. Element works pretty great and can bidirectionally bridge to your Discord server:


@matrix So does that mean they also buy all Discord data? I am trying to understand who owns the data, where its stored, if its encrypted, etc. Thanks!

@kassandra @matrix If Discord gets sold the data must be in the deal, otherwise the program would break. You may own your data but you have little to no control over it when using a proprietrary platform

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So essentially, if I was a psychopath I could create a network for anti-vaccination or "neo-nazis" (or whatever "enemies of the state" are in vogue) and then sell it off to a government agency.

Do I have that right?

@kassandra @matrix I don’t see why couldn’t you. As long as the thing you are selling is legal to have. But I don’t really know.

@jimbo @matrix

Thank you so much for your insight.

Given what we know so far, is a Mastodon instance on a private server the only guaranteed solution?

@matrix I wish Element got higher budget to be able to fund the development of voice channels to Matrix. Without this feature I will replace Discord with Jitsi

@jollyrogue @matrix

I know, the current implementation cannot compete against Discord and because Microsoft is trying to buy Discord this feature is even more needed.

There is Github issue about this topic but it is priority level 3 so most likely we won't see it anytime soon:

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