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Want something like Discord that can never be acquired by a FAANG company? Try Matrix! :D


@matrix next on the news: Microsoft buying matrix for 15 gadzillions dollars.

@efftoyz @matrix Automattic (WordPress) has invested a lot in Element in 2020, helping pay for developers, servers, and probably to find a way to make some money out of Matrix with something that looks a lot like WordPress: free software controlled by an open foundation, and a paid-for enterprisey offer for 👔 people.

I'm sure that MS could enter the Matrix foundation and turn them into MS Matrix for Skype or something... but if they're gonna buy Discord, why bother?

@oz @matrix not like with discord you can't buy a lot of personal data shopping in matrix store.

@matrix while I frequently see Matrix suggested as an alternative to Discord, I am skeptical about how valid this claim is when it comes to latency in voice calls for the purposes of gaming which is a niche Discord tries to fulfill. Do you have any metrics?

@matrix I imagine that federated voice calls would be uncomparable to Discord due to the additional hops. I still wonder how Matrix compares when only considering a single server. There’s always Mumble for that niche case if Matrix can’t fulfill it…

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