That FPS tho, @matrix (-; For devices more of the embed side like the PinePhone, I think a native video pointer (like what we had last #FOSDEM) would be much better job than two-way video conference.

Thinking about this, there should really be self-hostable service for one-way video stream (that is playable via one's favorite media player), plus low-latency audio conference: it would perform drastically better on lower-end devices and connections, e.g. for online learning.

@matrix is there going to be an element app for the pinephone?

@matrix the videoconferencing is done via jitsi meet, though, isn't it?

@matrix I felt as a Nheko developer I had to reply to this quote:

> Diesen Clienten ist gemein, daß Sie keinen E2EC, Audio- und Videochat Support haben.

While Nheko on the PinePhone certainly has issues and I can't get the camera to work at all atm on the distribution I'm using, here is receiving a voice call in an e2ee room (calling out works too):

Fluffy Chat should work well on Ubuntu Touch. Don't know about other Pinephone systems

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