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Which chat are you using, and why? We had a fair share of experience and our story of migrating from one team chat to another might be interesting for you. So we wrote a blog post.


@matrix I use Rocket Chat, and while I look forward to one day rolling my own Matrix server, I want to wait until Dendrite is ready and it is a little easier getting setup. Between RC and Prosody I'm pretty good. Any plans for Matrix to bridge with RC?

@matrix Still primarily on Discord, sadly, despite loving Matrix and having my own homeserver + copy of Element running.

I know it's been years coming and there are other, higher priority issues being worked on, but the idea of persistent 'calls' / voice channels like Mumble that users can a) see who's already in the call before jumping in and b) jump in and out of with an app that can run in the background and successfully capture hotkeys like push-to-talk or push-to-mute is critical for me.

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