@matrix not gonna lie not sure why but can't figure out how to get this link to work in element

@nvi @matrix Well jeeze they coulda have put that link somewhere on the fosdem site.

@10leej @matrix
Yeah. Matrix.org’s philosophy of ‘let’s hide all those user-ids and stuff’ makes things difficult sometimes.

Like: “I have signed up in Element, as you asked me. - So, what’s your ID? - What’s an ID? - It’s @<username>:<server-name>. - What is a server?.....”

@nvi @matrix the username thing is a federation limitation I think.

@10leej @matrix
People get it when they use E-Mail. But Element nodges you to sign up on matrix.org without explaining what that means.

@10leej we're suffering from twitter weirdly censoring matrix.to URLs matrix.to/#/#matrix-stand:fosd will work.

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