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Don’t be Google

Google has lost touch with their roots. What they did today is the equivalent of banning a web browser because it could access unapproved sites.

Unfortunately, the only effective appeals process is raising a stir on social media.


@matrix Matrix has no effective anti-harrassment tools — that is, a user can always just create a new account on a new homeserver to target someone whose Matrix ID they know, and there’s no way to effectively stop the harrasser from sending you messages

but go on about how Matrix couldn’t have seen this coming

@matrix Matrix has no equivalent of ‘whitelist mode,’ even if it was feasible for a single person to run Synapse, which it isn’t

for a single-user instance of Synapse I needed to dedicate an entire $800 NUC with 16GB of RAM and an i7 and it still wasn’t usable

and Synapse is the only homeserver that’s fully implemented (I heard of another one here on Fedi but I can’t remember its name) so it’s not like there’s a Pleroma-of-Matrix that you can run on an rpi

@matrix “Google has lost touch with their roots.” What are their roots? Google harvests data from their users. Google is an advertisment company.

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