what's that? the first ever messages over MLS on Matrix, you say?! alice and bob are at it again! :D

@utzer "Messaging Layer Security"

Messaging Layer Security (MLS), is a security layer for end-to-end encrypting messages in groups of size two to many. It is being built by the IETF MLS working group and designed to be efficient, practical and secure.

@jaywink ah OK. There were so many meaning that Google found, but nothing did make sense.
@jaywink will that improve encrypted groups? I just had again a two person dm group and the other person can't read me anymore since I activated encryption. I can read him, but he can't read me.

Left group, started new DM group, again encrypted from the start. Again can't read me.

@utzer I'm not the right person to say (have little idea of the technical differences between megolm and mls, not working on those areas), but that sounds weird. Personally very very rarely see issues with encryption these days. Possibly the other person is using a client that does not support encryption? Or they were logged out when you created the chat / switched on encryption? In that case the sender (you) can't deliver the encryption keys, since you wont know who to deliver to (encryption is to a device, not to an account).

If you're both using Element, I would suggest sending debug logs so the Element team can look into the issues. This can be done from Element desktop/web in the settings or by shaking the phone on mobile. For other clients, suggest raising in the relevant issue tracker.

@jaywink I have this from time to time, also with groups (many user) very commonly.

@utzer Hmm weird. What client are you using? Would suggest sending debug logs, they really help the client developers.

@utzer yeah, please send debug logs for both sender and receiver immediately after reproducing it. this should not happen :(

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