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The Federal Trade Commission and 48 states accused Facebook on Wednesday of becoming a monopoly by squashing competition by buying rivals Instagram and WhatsApp. The legal battle could dismantle some of the world's most popular communication services. nyti.ms/3n2v55x

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Now would be a great moment for @[email protected] to consider opening their communication silos via an open standard, to prove they’re not trying to vendor-lock their users. (Plus we could solve e2ee between WA, FB and IG)

@matrix I don’t think it’s going to be happen.

@faizalr @matrix Didn’t kinda already happen once with XMPP though? Of course then they had to go and mess things up exactly like Google did, so Matrix needs to be cautious about only a few big actors embracing it.

@afranke @faizalr yeah. we're very conscious about needing to counterbalance any large players entering Matrix.

@matrix I didn’t doubt it for a second. My statement was more directed at our readership than at you. ❤️

@afranke @faizalr @matrix Yupp, all the big SM players had XMPP bridges in the past. Disabled it when they thought they had reached a critical mass. 😖​


Personally I'd rather my communications stay as far from that trash fire as possible.

@matrix But of course they ARE trying to vendor-lock their users...

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