is that a matrix in your pinecones? it's aaallllllllliiiiiiiivvveeeeeee

@matrix I am a happy user of Matrix, but what's this pinecone thing? DuckDuckGo wasn't helpful

@jgoerzen @matrix My... guess is that it has something to do with non-full mesh routing in P2P Matrix based on this previous post

If the nodes in that network are Matrix servers, that's not a full mesh :)

But seems it hasn't been talked about much publicly yet

@jgoerzen @matrix I would have guessed it is a typo for "pinephone"? But maybe I am missing out on the latest trend, too. ;)

@afranke @arx @jgoerzen it’s a yet to be announced p2p matrix project :D

@jgoerzen @matrix
I think it's something P2P related, but also not sure.

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