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@Bloodaxe @matrix not sure if it is only my browser, but I bet they do have a redirect to https.

@koyax @matrix My Firefox auto-redirects it tnx to HTTPS-everywhere. But I guess I'm just thinking of those who are not as informed or do not have extentions like that installed 😀

@Bloodaxe @matrix What I tried to say is, that the webserver of Matrix is probalbly doing the redirect independently of the browser.

@koyax @matrix aah, never thought of that. But then it doesn't work whilst using Midori Next, not on android at least. That's how I noticed 👍🏻😄

@matrix Since you do "Observed user tests of people trying to use Element for the first time for personal and professional use cases." Is there a place to forward feedback of my not so tech-savie friends, who use Matrix the first time?

EG: Strikethrough is not working on Android
Chats are way less lucid than conventional Messengers with speech bubbles.
The code formatting is awesome.

Thank you for your work and for being so transparent with twim.

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