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Sicher, einheitlich, geräteunabhängig: Ab heute steht der neue für alle Angehörigen der @[email protected] in den App Stores bereit. 🎉 Alle Infos zum neuen Open-Source-Messenger für die deutschen Streitkräfte findet ihr hier: bit.ly/2H6botV

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BWI_IT/status/1328


The @[email protected] Matrix deployment is live, spanning the entirety of the German Armed Forces! messenger.bwi.de/ gives a great overview of how the app looks, works, and how it's put together.

Wow congrats @matrix for the deployment to Bundeswehr, its no small feat that you have convinced and deployed to a privacy and security conscious nation which is famous for its paper work!

@matrix I see your joyful collaboration with the military as a problem rather than an accomplishment.

@despens whatever you think of the military, it’s massive news for Matrix for a deployment of this size and profile to go live, hence us spreading the word. plus it drives improvements in Matrix in general and keeps the project financially viable.

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