This Week in Matrix is out now! Scientific research, spec updates, Element news, servers, bots, clients, oh my!

@matrix I really love these weekly updates!
Thank you for all your work! :)

@matrix I really like how active the Matrix development is 👍 So much happened again in a single week.But what I really dislike is the social login as that totally removes the independence from GAFAM 😢 I hope that can be turned off at selfhosted instances.

Not really on the newest page about this topic, but IIRC there are FOSS SSO solutions. I think I even read that e.g. offered something like this. May be worth looking into again

@jeybe @matrix You can even use the Mastodon API to implement a Social Login using the Mastodon Account but I doubt that that is what Matrix meant in their announcement.

@matrix I like that you always strive for improvement.
Thanks for providing insight into Element-internal improvements (which is not boring at all)

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