Dendrite 0.2.0 (next-gen golang homeserver) is here, with tonnes of bugs & perf fixes since the initial 0.1.0 beta. Read all about it at - intrepid testers wanted! help us squash bugs! 🐛🔨

@matrix Hey, there's a typo in the URL of the 'nginx' link. After inspecting the sources, I get that it should point at instead. Am I correct?

Thanks for fixing that for the people who are yet to read the article, and run their instance for testing. And thanks for a great release and push forward.

@matrix Hey guys, it is awesome that you are making such good progress on this. I have been working on trying to get this running in AWS ECS but have run into a couple issues, do you know if anyone has tried this before? I would think Kubernetes and ECS would be perfect for running Dendrite.

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