BIG NEWS: Huge welcome to @[email protected], who are entering Matrix!! Gitter is moving from @[email protected] to @[email protected] & building the ultimate Matrix bridge, showcasing how a large chat app can natively talk Matrix, while bringing Gitter goodness to Element! πŸš€πŸŒ‰πŸŽ‰ Nice! Does this mean gitter will be just another node in the open matrix network?

@matrix this is great news! As the article noted Gitter has some nice unique features - including seamless onboarding - and it's nice to know there will be a unified client in the future (with a customized version for Gitter, of course). Going to share this with friends who like Matrix as a concept but find the current onboarding model difficult.

Great news! So am I right in thinking this means we can chat in any Gitter rooms/channels straight from desktop/mobile apps/clients?

@matrix Brilliant. My wish has been realised then. I always said I'd love to be able to chat with the Adapt Learning community (currently chatting on the Gitter web app) over Matrix/Element.

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