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Today we announced that we filed an EU competition complaint against Microsoft. But this is much bigger than Slack v. Microsoft – it’s really about two very different philosophies for the future of digital ecosystems – gateways versus gatekeepers. bit.ly/3eQy3VR

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SlackHQ/status/128


Interesting news. An excellent way for Microsoft to fend off accusations of anti-competition would be to embrace open standards like Matrix for interoperability, showing they're not trying to vendor-lock their users. Slack could also benefit from this ;)

@matrix A bit rich of Slack to be accusing someone else of over-centralisation after they did a bait-and-switch on IRC and XMPP protocol access to Slack.

@matrix so long as they don't also extend and extinguish, as google did with XMPP. i'm guessing yall are well versed in that history though.

I think @doctorow is still in favour of adversarial interoperability

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