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Open source technology is critical to internet freedom because it allows anyone to inspect the code, understand it, and discover any bugs or backdoors. For the community that OTF supports, the open source approach builds trust.


This account is a Twitter Bridge, there's probably no matrix maintainer on Mastodon


That's a pity, I was expecting a project like @matrix to have an account in the fediverse

Thanks for the info! I checked their profile, and couldn't see any indication of it being a bot

@artificialphilosopher @jwsp1 we're quite active on mastodon, but life's too short to author toots/tweets on both sides of the bridge; sorry.


That's good news, thanks for the clarification!

There is indeed a need for a tool to facilitate the migration from Twitter to Mastodon, as projects need to reach the widest audience and that's still in Twitter!

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