@matrix oh 😔 the irony: "Open Tech Will Save Us" #privacy #decentralization featuring @twitter.com @twitter.com @twitter.com @twitter.com – I'm already much less inclined to take this serious.

@mray we'd argue that data which is decentralised between activitypub & twitter is even more decentralised than if it were just on activitypub :P

@matrix So it would be even MORE decentralized if it was on twitter, instagram & facebook instead of just twitter and mastodon! Right? :think_bread:

@mray @matrix what a hot take. The obvious motivation is to reach folks who aren't already on the inside of the decentralisation movement, what alternative would you suggest for reaching them?

@kudos @matrix is the goal to only reach people on the other side of the fence? Ignoring the decentralized world does not exactly make it more welcome to switch, but creates incentive to stay. One could be posting from #ActivityPub -> twitter if "reaching" is what you want.

It boils down to practive what I preach, not what I do. I understand the motivation, but that's not cop-out for not having an account over here.

@mray @kudos but we do have an account, right here... does it really matter which side of the bridge you source the msgs from?

@matrix @mray @kudos yes, it shows priority.

But also it means that the post will be tailored to look "good" on one side. All compatibility bridges are exactly that, and they'll never be a perfect translation.

For instance if you tag someone's ActivityPub account, it doesn't look great on Twitter, likewise if you tag a Twitter account in a Tweet it doesn't look good on AP.

@matrix @kudos it matters if we can't have a back and forth like this very conversation, when cross posting is a one-way script. You're leading with a good example. 👍 Your speakers on the other hand seem to really really like twitter only after all I guess… 🤷‍♂️

@matrix oh! 🤗 first speaker already has a mastodon account after all: @arcalinea

Maybe you have to take decentralization more serious after all and not post twitter handles so hasty… 🤨 ?

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