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Who else thinks there are too many chat apps and frustrated your chat experience is too fragmented?

@[email protected] built an app called NovaChat that solves this by aggregating them all in slick way. I'm an avid user and fan. Highly recommend:


@rdh @matrix actually it is quite different... and still in beta

@matrix Starting at $10 per month is a bit steep to say the least.

It isn't abundantly clear what work is being done here that I couldn't do myself? Is the application being improved upon significantly considering it is riot based? Are any of the bridges being created from scratch? Would it not be better to get everything to a point such that individuals could set up their own bridges, etc.? Thanks for sharing though. I've signed up for the beta.

@Phaserune @matrix
The work there is e.g. not needing to host a own matrix server, and not having to bother much about the bridges. Optionally they host the bridges for you.

@Phaserune @matrix
1. Setting up a bridge is work - definitely more than just putting a raspberry somewhere (or even nothing)
2. you do not need a Matrix-Server - if you set up your own you do
3. the app: no other Matrix App has such a good kntegration of bridging, e.g. bridge status, chat network read receipt (e.g. Facebook server), no manual bridge setup (afaik)
4. Features like multiple types of chatnetworks are envisioned: what if someone sends you a sms, and whatsapp message -> in one chat

Don't get me wrong. I can see how someone who doesn't know how to do all of this could find it useful. I'm asking about the utility of it all for this who can.

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