@matrix Thanks for the article Matthew, can't wait!

@matrix Hmm, wondering if the article picture is a hint on the new Name :thinking_fierce:

@felix @matrix
"Riot is too violent we need a new name!"
"Hmmmm... what about... Molotov? Arson?"

@matrix Hopefully it will be an unique original name that can be easily find on search engines.

Matrix has still some problems being searched but Riot is terrible from that point of view :-/

@Ca_Gi honestly that hasn't been a priority in naming. just as Matrix shows up pretty well despite being a common word, we expect the new name will too.

@matrix Well, in my experience simply searching about Riot and Matrix, for example on Twitter, is always difficoult and therefore I must try with different keys like riot+chat, riot+matrix, riot+communication and so on.

Instead 'Whatsapp' is unique, clear and easy to find.

Also when I suggest Riot to inexperienced users I see the same struggle.

Maybe it's not a top priority but please consider it 🙏

@matrix People are stupid. In general. I mean, I have a friend, he works in Corona SDK.. well, formerly known as Corona because Goolag started to block apps containing word corona in it or description, including.. "made with Corona SDK".

So no surprise here.

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