In 20 minutes we'll be live on with a presentation from @mhoye (Mozilla) and @Gargron (Mastodon) PLUS big exciting demo from Dendrite! JOIN US!

@matrix I don’t understand why you use a centralized tool to promote decentralized tech. Please, join #peertube. And well, maybe “open tech” it sounds to you so cool but for my it sounds #openwashing

Long live to #freesoftware mouvement

@titi @matrix Huh? The event was on Matrix with a Jitsi-backed conference streaming to nginx via RTMP/HLS...

@downey Thanks but I couldn’t be there for the stream. And in this website I only can find a youtuve video… Can I find it somewhere else?


@titi Oh I understand now! Maybe @matrix will have an idea of a non-proprietary video archive.

@titi A dangerous place to enter. You may not find the will to leave.
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