Very excited to see official confirmation of the @[email protected] German Armed Forces adopting Matrix for Instant Messaging!

RT @[email protected]

Instant Messaging mit „Matrix“ – die @[email protected] braucht besonders zu -Zeiten eine Kommunikationsplattform, mit der sie schnell, direkt, einfach und trotzdem sicher kommunizieren kann. 📱 Dabei unterstützt die BWI.


@matrix I know it's free software… but promoting the military… seriously not cool… No matter why.
Hurts the trust you've built up over the last years.

@MacLemon it's tricky. very aware this is sensitive, but wouldn't say we're promoting the military; the implication is more that attention from the Bundeswehr for a 30K+ user deployment is going to be useful in auditing & improving Matrix as a whole. perhaps it's naive, but we bracket defence as general public sector usage (e.g. France's military uses Matrix too, as part of their state-wide deployment).

And you can't dictate who uses your software if it's free (libre sense). Doesn't this make it easy for French traitors to give secrets to the German army via an encrypted matrix conversation? (or vice versa)
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