RIGHT!!! Riot has turned on End-to-End Encryption by default for all private conversations, and Cross-Signing device verification has landed and is live (and 🀞 performant!) πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Huge amounts of work went into this: has the overview.

@matrix great! πŸŽ‰
Hope a non-browser desktop client will follow this lead. :-)

@syster suspect both weechat & gomuks should be well positioned to enable e2ee by default too now :)

rain on parade 

@matrix congrats that's impressive and an amazing step forwards for your project. Huzzah!

@kirschwipfel @matrix Every user verifies his own devices/sessions and you only have to trust a user instead of every device/session he has.

@matrix Is it intended behaviour that on my smartphone the smartphone session itself is marked by a red shield? I already completed the upgrade on my desktop client (macos) only having those 2 sessions. On my smartphone in settings -> security i still see "complete security" but clicking there i see a dialog labelled "complete security" telling me about different client options and the only choice i have is "cancel"

@markus sounds like a bug - please can you submit a bug report from within the app and ideally a github issue walking through which setup flow you used? thanks for reporting it.

@matrix Nah, i just updated iOS app to 0.11.4 (from 0.11.2) and the issue is gone without any further intervention. Thx!

@matrix Congrats, Matrix team! Things work perfectly nice, also between different instances πŸ‘

Congratulations to all developers. Really great achievement!

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