So we haven't yelling about it yet, but poljar has been making good progress on an official Matrix SDK over at - and thanks to incorporating olm-rs from jhaye in the Fractal community, it just decrypted its first ever E2EE msg!! Watch this space...🦀

@matrix Sooo that means Fractal is finally getting E2E support? Whoop whoop!

@phel if they move to using matrix-rust-sdk, yup :)

@matrix Huh, what about the Ruma stuff? Haven't they've been making an SDK for Rust since forever?

@bart @matrix Longer answer: The ruma-client library is more of a lower-level library that really just abstracts Matrix into Rust types and functions, an SDK goes on top of that and handles the tedious stuff like keeping track of room state and pagination and event relations and whatever

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