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Successfully using entirely self-hosted+federated Riot/Matrix/Jitsi/Etherpad/PeerTube to host lectures, teleconference with students, answer questions in chat, and collaboratively edit their code. Write-up is incoming. Once I take a nap.


@matrix That's fantastic - great effort!
How exactly could one go around using a local self-hosted Jitsi Meet installation with Riot? It's kind of what I'm missing these days.

@pete perfect timing - we're just merging stuff to make it way easier to self-host jitsi. and a few bugfix PRs are merging in the coming hours and will be available on

Any experience of apache openmeetings for comparison. Not sure which to choose to install...

@matrix that's ace. How do you place the jitsi widget in the left column like that?

@alex it happens automagically if you're in room with an active jitsi widget and you switch to another room.

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