We're thrilled to welcome Mozilla to the Matrix federation! Moznet IRC was disabled yesterday, so come join Mozilla on Matrix!

@matrix Why? irc is so lightweight, we shouldn't be removing the opportunity of communicating with light clients and light protocols in a collapsing society. Something like @matrix is necessary, but with official client being JS based and the whole protocol layered on top of HTTP raises the connectivity bar for many people. :(
@fadelkon @matrix Of course, in the name of Progress, the main value of capitalism.

@fadelkon @matrix ...
Yes, indeed... that's why i'm not (still) regularly using #Matrix .
Prefer good old' #jabber #XMPP meanwhile ...

@matrix @jordila @fadelkon

I am using matrix exactly because uses json/http. That is the inevitable future. No more outdated protocols.

@matrix I may not be thrilled about the loss of Moznet IRC, but I'm glad they chose Matrix over something like Discord.

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