Yay! We've been accepted into Google Summer of Code as an organisation again this year - calling all students: if you have a free summer and want to help build Matrix get thinking of proposals!

@matrix how are matrix users distributed across the servers of the federation? do you consider closing registration on to support federation? thank you very much in advance for the information.

@mg about 35% on atm. yes, the plan is to turn off registration and even turn off entirely once we have migratable accounts.

@matrix I wonder what has happened to @Framasoft 's Winter of Code initiative 🤔

@lightone @matrix Right now it's buried underneath our sky-high to-do list... We want to achieve and consolidate other projects first (Mobilizon, PeerTube, the hosters collective CHATONS, etc.).

@matrix huh? Google and Matrix? Ok, know I know. Too bad.

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