We’re busy setting the agenda for our London meetup on the 26th February. If there’s something you’d like to see included then let us know! Sign up here:

@matrix is there a release date for default e2ee yet? ;p

@blacklight447 @matrix AFAIK according to the talk at FOSDEM, E2EE by default for direkt messages are already available on

But keep in mind cross-signing is still a bit tricky over federation and downgrades from cross-signing not really a thing. So maybe use a test account.

@sheogorath @matrix with by default i mean stable as well :p. Can't move my folks at home over to ruot yet until thats fixed ;)

@blacklight447 It shipped on develop branches 2 weeks ago. We're going through bugfixing - it's a few weeks away.

@matrix great to hear about the progress, keep it up!

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