Things are looking dramatically better now for the homeserver on the new hardware - we've gone from the median message-send-time being 1-3s down to 50ms-250ms. DMs particularly should be incredibly snappy now :)

This is great news. How many active accounts are there on the community server? I'm guessing thousands. Either way, it's awesome to see some new shiny hardware goes a long way!

@Clifford from memory it's around 250K monthly active users on the server currently (although has taken a bit of a hit over the last month due to the hardware problems).

@matrix great stuff! I still see duplicated messages tho, is it a known Issue?

@returntrip you shouldn’t be seeing any dup msgs. what event ids? (View Source in Riot to spot them)

@matrix I cannot find the dupes anymore, maybe I was seeing double 😃

@matrix hello, quick question from a newbie sysadmin. How do you get such data? Is it a Matrix tool, something you wrote yourself, or an independant software?

Context: we are hosting a discussion platform for ~30 users and the experience is incredibly sluggish. I would like to have some monitoring tools to parse our logs, and your graph could be one of those.

Thank you :)

@rhapsodos hey, this is from the default grafana dashboard:

In terms of performance problems; 30 users should be fine (but the limiting factor is the size of the rooms the server participates in, not the number of users). Make sure you're using postgres, and if necessary try increasing SYNAPSE_CACHE_FACTOR (see

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