Follow homeserver is still suffering badly from IO problems. we’re trying to accelerate the migration to the new datacentre. sorry for the outage :(

@matrix Good thing it's decentralized. Sorry 'bout your servers, tho.

@matrix A good opportunity to highlight the decentralization of the protocol :)

There are so many easy ways to setup a synapse server nowadays, from your managed setup:

Over the official Ansible playbook:

To my very personal (undocumented :blobfoxsad:) playbook:

Definitely worth looking into that.

#matrix #federation #selfhosting

@sheogorath @matrix I wouldn't call it the official playbook, it's a third party thing, which fits for a lot of people, but is not without problems either.

@jcgruenhage okay, at least that's the one I usually see recommended by people who work on matrix as well as their official docs page.

It's at least semiofficial.


Glad I stood up my own server a week or so ago! Decentralized ftw! Sorry team! Hope it comes back up soon enough 😔

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