IO problems are back on the server; we're working on it. Meanwhile new server hardware with roughly 10x spec increase is currently in test, due to go live over the coming week. Sorry for the disruption; normal service will be restored asap.


Kind of tired of the constant server problems, thought this would be the possibility for me and my friends to go full opensource and decentralized, but it seems we aren't there yet. 😥

Has made a pretty bad impression on those that aren't as enthusiastic for libre software and decentralization as me among my social group.

Please consider using another homeserver than then, or even host your own.

It is not trivial but not especially hard either. Also: many people will be happy to help you get there.


@kaiyou @matrix

That's not gonna vibe with my friends

I think having to set up a homeserver to keep contact with friends over matrix it kind of tells that matrix is not really there yet

I vouched for matrix and now there is gonna be a higher bar for recommending libre software because of matrix

To the contrary, being able to do so in a fairly stable ecosystem is the very proof that Matrix works for what it is designed for. What's still missing is a kind of entry point in the ecosystem, for people to choose an adequate homeserver or learn how to do so if they have the ability.

In the meantime you can find a list of a few public homeservers at the following address:

@ChrisTalleras if you're going "full decentralized" you probably shouldn't be using the free best-effort server.

Again, we apologise for the disruption and are throwing a tonne of money at the server to improve the service that you're using for free...


doesn't help that it's free if one is trying to share matrix to people and are converting people for you, it's bothersome for us but it's also sad that gonna throw people off using matrix too

@matrix Does there at least exist any instances that we can look at if my friends are willing to give it a last chance?

Can't really find a accessible way of finding instances of matrix

I just stood up my own a few days ago and it was fairly painless. Highly recommended! You can still access all of the rooms and whatnot on the server as well. Federation is a lovely thing!


@Clifford @matrix

not accessible for normies, and normies don't like to be hand held into seting up something they don't have a clue about

All the best for fixing this, and thanks for an awesome software ecosystem and the services

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