MASSIVE news for the Matrix ecosystem today: @[email protected], the startup formed by the core Matrix team has raised $8.5M of additional funding from @[email protected] @[email protected] & @[email protected] 🎉💸🎉 Read what this means for Matrix over at!

@matrix great news on the funding. I find it scary that you run out each time. Hope you will become profitable with this round. Best of luck with the development!

@Jelv we didn’t run out this time! :) but not profitable either - we’re aiming to be (more than) selfsufficient this time though!


"...after all, Matrix aims to provide a worthy replacement to email (and the phone network, for that matter!) "

like it ;-)

I am always skeptical when FOSS companies turn to VC for funding because sooner or later, those investors will expect a return on their investment.
We'll see how that affects decisions that shape the future of matrix.

@ck yup, we are very skeptical on this too. we tried to address this directly on it's also worth seeing what the VCs say first hand to judge for yourself: In the end, we think it's possible to give a return on investment without sabotaging Matrix (much like the open Web exists despite folks making $ on it)

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