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I tried hard to use #Matrix. After wasting a week on it, I just had to give up. The protocol is just too bad, and the federation design is broken. It's impossible for me to run a server due to this. The Matrix protocol *by design* is the largest DDoS amplification attack vector I have ever seen. Until they fix that, I cannot use it. And it doesn't seem to be a priority to fix it, it's just "Would be nice if we would fix it some day". @matrix

@js the protocol **by design** allows for arbitrary routing algorithms to be used to relay message between servers. by default we use full mesh for simplicity, but we're actively working on better-than-full mesh (c.f. and etc). not sure who you were talking to. sorry that it feels to have been a waste of time.

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@matrix I’m very glad to hear about this! And I’ll happily give it another try once something other than full mesh is available. Also, if there’s something you want me to try to see if it makes things better for me, I’m happy to try it. I already tried workers and a reverse proxy for TLS.

@matrix Also, sorry for not being accurate enough when I said “the protocol by design”, I should have said the design of the protocol as currently in use.

@js surprised your server couldn't keep up; a typical non-worker synapse + postgres should be fine for typical personal server workloads. what hardware is this, what DB, what cache_factor, what py version, what malloc?

@matrix UltraSPARC T1, PostgreSQL, cache_factor unchanged, Python 3.6.6, OpenBSD‘s malloc.

With the workers, I always saw 100% in the federation_sender, federation_reader and homeserver. After leaving it, things work for a while, then the homeserver suddenly is at 100% CPU while apparently not doing anything and being unresponsive. Restarting everything fixes it, until it happens again. media_repository dies with SIGBUS after a while (wonder if that could be the reason for homeserver @ 100%?)

@matrix Still haven’t deleted the VM, just turned it off for now, so I am happy to try anything! As said, I don’t want to just complain or even rant, I actually do want to use this :)

@matrix @js no matrix is a broken pile of shit use xmpp.