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RT @[email protected]: I just released my first @[email protected] Community add-on!

Matrix is a secure and decentralized communication platform which can act as an alternative for chat servers like Slack or Discord.



@matrix why does this toot have the "red pill" hashtag? doesn't seem relevant, has weird political baggage...

@jplebreton @matrix The software is called "matrix", there is a movie with the same name, in which taking the red pill was the choice to learn about the matrix, which is where the unfortunate term also comes from. @matrix

@Gargron @jplebreton it's a miserable world where folks can't make crappy movie references because the references have been misappropriated elsewhere to be weird political baggage :( in this context timmo001 was talking about the film, which after all did come first...

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@matrix @Gargron Ahh I see, I knew it was a Matrix reference but yes it's sad that it's been claimed. No worries, excellent project!

@matrix @Gargron @jplebreton I have been waiting to see this confusion happen lol. Why do conservatives get the color red anyway red is such a good color. Can't they take like brown or something?

@wakest @matrix @Gargron @jplebreton republican starts with r, so they’re the red team. Heard from the verge so that could be complete bullshit