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XMPP<->Matrix bridging is working pretty well; feels a bit like making First Contact! Here's as seen from the xmpp:[email protected] side. In theory <server>_<localpart> should let you join any MUC.

@matrix does this also work for one on one conversations from xmpp to matrix?

@matrix @mathuin yeah i want to know this too, also does it somehow do OLM<->OMEMO 0.2 conversion or nah?


@matrix @mathuin

Since we now have Double Ratchet (Signal,Omemo, Wire) it would be great when this could be applied to group video/audio conferences maybe with agreed keys per session/conference.
In messaging each message has separate key and it is TCP, now it is UDP and we need ZRTP/SRTP for groups. I think Wire supports group encryped audio/video.

@cypherpunk @mathuin we’d like to solve this in future but are spread too thin right now. someone is welcome to contribute it though.


I wish I have necessary skills for that now.
But will see what I can do anyway.

@dev_ponies @mathuin no e2e yet, and even if it did it’d either have to reencrypt (okay if you run your own bridge perhaps) or we’d have to wedge an xmpp client into everyone’s matrix clients (which doesn’t seem ideal).

it should be possible without re-encrypting if you use the older olm implementation [not megolm] which i'm pretty sure riot still supports, they both use the same primitives and it appears the biggest difference is the way keys are exchanged

@dev_ponies There's still the other problem, that Matrix's encrypted messages contain a Matrix message, not an XMPP message. So the XMPP recipient's client would have to either be able to interpret and send Matrix-style messages in the client, or the Matrix client would have to be able to interpret and send XMPP-style messages

@dev_ponies Because no server in between can read and rewrite the encrypted blob to be suitable for Matrix or XMPP clients, the client that receives and decrypts the message just won't be able to understand the data that it contains if it was sent by a client of the other protocol

ok yeah, that's a good point, maybe an XEP should be written for that

@mathuin in theory, yes. in practice there’s a bug getting in the way atm.

@matrix Would it be superhard to mend a #Matrix server to perform #XMPP federation?

@stevenroose no, but it somewhat defeats the point of Matrix: you’d end up with that server being the single point of failure for everyone participating in that MUC (ignoring FMUC and MIX?), just as the new bridge (which uses prosody to talk s2s xmpp) is today. So might as well stick with bridges, tbh. The protocols are not similar enough to be directly interchangeable l.

Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history

@matrix :

@matrix and this implementation makes most of the RIOT Android apps crash on startup. After logging in on PC and removing the 35c3 bridged room, it works again!

@tobi exciting! please can you submit debug logs from Riot/Android in Settings so we can see why it crashed for you?

@matrix It's the same issue I reported multiple times, also with the Riot-Android room. Back then I reported it. It's only an issue with the Android app. Removing the room from PC solves the issue, yet you can't be in the room tho.

> just to know, which client is that?
@jartigag Looks like Adium, the libpurple-based IM for macOS.

@xrevan86 @matrix so nice!
libpurple is the library pidgin uses, isn't it?
do you know something visually nicer (like adium) for linux?

@matrix @jartigag Yes, that is correct. The !xmpp support there is in a pretty sad state though.

The minimal package for a libpurple #xmpp user is the following: (for OMEMO)

> do you know something visually nicer (like adium) for linux?
Err, Dino?
@matrix So instead of say writing a competent XMPP client, you now have to maintain this bridge which translates your own made-up protocol to XMPP, on top writing a spec for said protocol, and maintaining Synapse, and maintaining Riot
@tomas Now now, calm down. They'll get to the point of seeing the beauty of !XMPP in due time.

@matrix This looks good. I was asked about that about 6 weeks ago. A bit of confusion that matrix and XMPP are different things.