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HUGE NEWS: @[email protected] has invested a whopping $5M in New Vector (the company which currently employs most of the core team) in order to further the cause of open decentralised communication!!

We're having problems with the push worker process of's synapse getting overloaded due to traffic levels - push is delayed/missing for the last few hours; we've just deployed a workaround.

Matrix Live S02E02 is here for supporters at, with a long tale of woe about our operational synapse issues this week, and a sneak preview of our new offices(!). Meanwhile, last week's park bench episode is here for all at!

We totally jinxed the Freenode bridge by claiming it's stable again - for the last 24 hours it's been falling behind badly; potentially due to perf problems caused by Meltdown mitigation, or possibly just due to load. We're working on it.

@ColinTheMathmo @arx @charlyblack A voip call can be as little as 3Kbps (with Opus) - worst case, having every active node on the network bitstuff a trickle all the time isn't that bad?

@ColinTheMathmo @arx @charlyblack guess it depends on how smart your transport is. you could do an alpenhorn and bitstuff the network like crazy to hide the RTP flows. there's nothing special about ICE that makes TA hard? (fwiw, before Matrix, we spent our lives writing SIP/RTP stacks)

@ColinTheMathmo @charlyblack @arx which system are you thinking of? video/voip calls are a fairly trivial extension to a messaging layer of any kind (e.g. see how short the chapter is of the Matrix spec)

@charlyblack @arx @ColinTheMathmo One of the things that Whisper/Briar/Tox get wrong is starting off with everything p2p. We think thin clients are a Good Thing for mobile, and you really want a hybrid approach (p2p between laptops, servers, etc - but by default thinclient on mobile talking to one of those nodes).

@ColinTheMathmo @arx @charlyblack It's not there because it's Hard. We have it on the medium-term radar (; meanwhile folks like Status (Whisper/PSS), Briar and Tox are trying for it too.

Just a follow-up on last year's stability problems on the Matrix<->Freenode bridge - since @[email protected] found the root cause ( we are not aware of a single problem since it was deployed (on Dec 8). If folks have seen any explosions or other probs pls let us know!

PSA: today's maintenance has sped up's search function enough that it's usable again - especially for rare terms. (our test search went from 200,000ms to 6.71ms, which feels like a win!). we'll ship the fix for all shortly.

The Season 2 premiere of Matrix Live is here (for supporters)!!! A slightly manic overview of the start of 2018 comes to you live from a park bench in West London: Meanwhile, last week's exhausted Christmas special is up at

Synapse 0.26 is out! No changes since RC1 - adds support for letting ASes add users to a community; custom auth & user_dir improvements; and lots of bugfixes & improvements!

Hi all - we're doing a brief unscheduled maintenance on to handle a diskspace problem and prepare for fixing performance on full text search. Sorry for lack of notice; we should be back in ~15 mins

@bob Of course, one might argue that a government is as likely to go and impound a random local homeserver as it is a random local handset (and the handset inevitably has the metadata too...) :) @NeoTheThird @Ubports

@Jelv (the office is actually split between London & Rennes, but nevertheless EU-based (modulo brexit idiocy)) @harriskenny @Liberapay

A slightly incoherent midnight Christmas edition of Matrix Live is up for supporters at with donations from @[email protected] & funding updates, Riot/iOS drama & everything else that's happened over the holidays! Last week's ep is at boosted

Here's a Matrix Holiday Mini-Special, giving a quick review of our rollercoaster 2017 and some thoughts for what lies ahead in 2018. Thanks for flying Matrix everyone, and have a great solsticey holiday! :)