Full details of today's security release.

If you are using Element or an application that shares the same SDKs (Beeper, Cinny, SchildiChat, Circuli, Synod.im) then please upgrade now.

We have no evidence of exploitation in the wild.


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When designing @[email protected]'s renderer (which is powered by @[email protected]) we really wanted to implement instanced draw calls but still wanted light maps and reflection probes. So we designed an asset pipeline and modified Three in a couple small ways 1/

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We're just getting started on our avatar system, but we've already added support for the Mixamo avatar skeleton and animations. We're also planning on adding support for the VRM avatar standard very soon!

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We've also added a ton of new rendering improvements. Instancing for reducing draw calls, Basis Universal texture compression for reducing video memory, reflection probes for more accurate reflections across the scene, bloom which makes bright lights pop, and more!

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@[email protected]er.com This release is jam packed with new features! Third Room now has portals which can take you to Matrix rooms across homeservers without leaving the current page. This is only the start of where we want to take decentralized and interoperable portals.

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We are incredibly excited to launch Technology Preview 1 of Third Room: an open, decentralised vision of the metaverse without NFTs or blockchains - built entirely on @[email protected] Check it out! thirdroom.io/preview

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Synapse 1.68 is out! This version updates the minimum supported version of SQLite to 3.27, and introduces code infrastructure for integrating Rust code within Synapse, admin API improvements and much more! Read all about it on the blog


📆 September 28, 16:00 UTC

💬 Join the chat to ask questions to our guests at matrix.to/#/#otwsu:matrix.org

▶️ Watch it live on stream.matrix.org or on YouTube youtu.be/cJHlndIcgMM

🌐 Details on matrix.org/open-tech-will-save

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Our live event is back tomorrow at 18:00 CEST, and we'll discuss identity!

Is SSO just fun for sysadmins? Do users benefit from it? What's the state of the art?

Authentik's Jens and Element's Quentin will answer these, and your questions

⏬ Details ⏬


A new security vulnerability was found in the matrix-appservice-irc, for which we have a fix. If you have the provisioning API enabled, this is potentially exploitable, so we advise you to upgrade immediately.


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Having a blast converting all my Raspberry Pis into various headless federated nodes. Synapse installed in 3 clicks with dietPi, giving me my very own Matrix chat homeserver.


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Bubbles in Element X, a safer @[email protected], fancy commands in @[email protected], better room management in Nheko...

That, and much more happened this week in Matrix!

Pre-disclosure: we are planning a coordinated security release of multiple Matrix clients starting 16:00 UTC Wed Sep 28th to address some critical issues. We have no evidence of these being exploited in the wild, but please get ready to upgrade on Wed! matrix.org/blog/2022/09/23/pre

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Our Matrix server recipe now supports bridging with Telegram, Discord and Signal! If you're looking to bridge online community chats, drop in to our Matrix channels to get some help setting things up. We have at least one fellow-hoster using and maintaining the bridges so far... see the configs on git.coopcloud.tech/coop-cloud/

We've just released Dendrite 0.9.9 with quite a few bugs fixed 🎈 If you run a Dendrite instance, please consider upgrading! github.com/matrix-org/dendrite

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I'm currently quite enjoying self hosting my own @[email protected] bridges at home, and it works great! Couple notes though:

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rocks! (And works, despite lobbyist claims.) Just finished setting up a @[email protected] server, including bridges to @[email protected] and @[email protected] Mirroring the full user experience - even for group-chats and with end-to-bridge encryption. I am excited.

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