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RT @[email protected]: [email protected]_sparber: "I’m happy to announce that @[email protected] agreed to sponsor my work on [@matrixdotorg client] Fractal... I will polish the room history and drastically improve the UX/UI... I will also clean up and refactor the current code."


This Week in Matrix is now available! Read mxisd 1.2.0, updates to the Spec, a new UI for maubot, libpurple bridging, and more! Plus: an interview with Axel Simon from La Quadrature du Net

RT @[email protected]: I wish more open source communities would move their chat away from Slack and use

Aren't we all fed up with 10k message limits and 32 different logins?


Synapse has a new release candidate - 0.33.9rc1 - If you'd like to help us test it, you can get it here

RT @[email protected]: An important message from @[email protected] - decentralised comms doesn’t necessarily mean or

There are other ways to distribute : federate between independent messaging servers eg deployment in French govt


In Lisbon, @[email protected] is well underway! Lots of news and thinking about programmable telecoms. Tomorrow morning @[email protected] will be presenting the latest progress and plans in the world of Matrix!

RT @[email protected]: Weβ€˜re at @[email protected] today! Look who weβ€˜ve spotted 😊 Hi @[email protected] πŸ‘‹ Make sure to catch @[email protected] on stage discussing at 2.50pm at Salle Du Conseil with @[email protected] from @[email protected], @[email protected] Hasan Faridul and Dr. Joseph Muscat, Malta’s PM πŸ€“


We’re at today in Paris where @[email protected] is literally holding court on the relationship between decentralised identity/reputation and decentralised communication. Catch us now in Salle du Conseil if you’re at the summit!

This Week in Matrix is out now! This week we get a sneak look at an upcoming new version of the matrix-android-sdk, see new work on the async Python SDK, bridging improvements for discord and slack, and more! boosted

FRI NOV 16 NOON - 2PM ET: Digital Self-Defense Workshop πŸ€“ We'll use tricks from Snowden's toolkit to stay private. Come learn about @torproject #Signal #Wire @Purism @matrix @freedomboxfndn @fdroidorg @exodus @better #gnupg and more!

This Week in Matrix 2018-11-02 is here! Read about Hello Matrix, new tools for maubot, a Fractal client event in Seville, matrix-client-core (new Python lib), mxisd and get Matrix Live with a discussion on E2E UX! Phew!

RT @[email protected]: Sneaky @[email protected] project I'm working on. Attempting to bridge all-da-protocols using libpurple (pidgin). Here you can see my first bi-directional conversation with XMPP over the bridge :D


Check out a UX Preview of upcoming security features that lay the path to enabling encryption by default!

Folks, Synapse 0.33.8 has arrived, bug fixes, db perf, (almost) everything you could ever want. Checkout it

RT @[email protected]: New place, new job, new life πŸ˜€
Super thrilled to announce that, starting on Monday, I'll be joining New Vector as part of the @[email protected] backend engineering team! 😁


Hey hey, follow on Synapse release candidate for you v0.33.8rc2, concerns a search bug fix

For those who missed the in Berlin last week - here's @[email protected]'s update on Matrix; giving both an overview of Matrix, a demo of the upcoming @[email protected] redesign, and silly VR 3D calling demos.

We're excited to announce that we've incorporated The Foundation: providing a formal, independent, non-profit, neutral custodian for the Matrix standard for decades to come!! We're still bootstrapping the governance; see for details