A time machine for Matrix, a CfP for the Matrix Community Summit, and always more love for Element X: that and more happened this week in Matrix!


Spec release, video demo of ement.el, updates from your favourite clients, and more! Read about what's been happening This Week in Matrix: matrix.org/blog/2023/05/26/thi

Matrix 1.7 is out now! It's got reactions (finally 💖), better mentions, async uploads, and a whole lot more.

Check out the blog post: matrix.org/blog/2023/05/25/mat

Roll up, roll up Matrix Live is here. Check out news of the 2nd Element X iOS public testflight, the Matrix Community Summit and a bumper update from Fractal. matrix.org/blog/2023/05/19/thi

Work on pseudonymous identities, a tailor-made matrix client, and a community event at the Chaos Computer Camp. That and more happened this week in Matrix


The Libera.Chat bridge is going down for maintenance now, up until 09:00 UTC.

The messages won't be relayed between Matrix and IRC during the maintenance window.

Follow progress on status.matrix.org

The Libera.Chat bridge is going down for maintenance tomorrow May 10 between 07:00 and 09:00 UTC.

The messages won't be relayed between Matrix and IRC during this window.

Follow progress on status.matrix.org

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I published a post on @matrix push rules & notifications: patrick.cloke.us/posts/2023/05

(Based on some information I put together for folks at @element)

A new admin API for Synapse, progress on Element X Android, and calls in Quadrix… that, and more happened this week in Matrix!


A general update by the founders, progress on intentional mentions, the release of eternal IRC bridges… that and much MUCH more happened this week in Matrix!


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Stop the Online Safety Bill


Sign the petition before they pass a law that requires all messaging providers to monitor the content of everyone's messages.

The Matrix.org Foundation will be at CommCon on June 19-23. Join us to learn how WebRTC and Matrix play nicely together


Some legacy integrations hosted by EMS on behalf of the Foundation are going away next week. Make sure you upgrade before then by following this link.


The Libera Chat instance operated by the Matrix Foundation is going under maintenance for up to an hour.

Messages won't make it through between Matrix and Libera Chat during the maintenance, then the service will resume to normal.

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Contrairement à des messageries de types WhatsApp ou Signal, qui sont hébergées à l’étranger, @element_hq utilise des serveurs décentralisés, ce qui signifie que si les Ukrainiens perdent l’accès à Internet, ils pourront toujours communiquer entre eux.

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Probably a billion possibilities of improvement in this, but it actually ended up as a working setup.

I did a write-up of running @matrix Dendrite behind Tailscale Funnel.

#sdn #tailscale #matrix #funnel


A PoC of Matrix using MLS in Element Web, new features in the matrix-rust-sdk, and bridges that won't die… that and more happened this week in Matrix!


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Tune in today at 16:00 CET for the hands-on demonstration of Interfacer, the new digital infrastructure for #fabCities.

🔗 interfacerproject.dyne.org/eve

Video feed will be relayed via @peertube in the Lounge channel of the Dyne @matrix space: matrix.to/#/#dyne:matrix.org 👾

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We’re part of an open letter asking the UK government to rethink the Online Safety Bill to protect end-to-end encryption and respect privacy.

Read the letter here: element.io/blog/the-uks-online

Backslash commands in construct, a slimmer Nheko, and Element X getting closer to supporting OpenID Connect… that, and more happened this week in Matrix!


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