If you're using a @matrix client, you can chat with me and others about #Fedigardens with the new room I launched!

The address is

For those in my Slack workspace, you don't need to do anything; it's already bridged automatically. boosted

I really admire how @matrix continues to get better & am surprised that folks still insist on using a closed & corporate owned platform like Keybase...

Getting ready for IETF 116, conveniences in FluffyChat, a brand new integrations manager… that, and more happened this week in Matrix!

Governments and the public sector face specific challenges for their real time communications.

@matthew will talk at GRNet's webinar about those, how some governments solve them, and the EU stance on real time communications.

Join the webinar on Thursday 12:00 UTC, register here

The end of Dendrite polylith (not the end of Dendrite!!), a major release for hookshot, and the rust sdk getting more features every day. That, and much more happened this week in Matrix! boosted

The @EclipseFdn is trying out @matrix as a chat service:

Your chance to take a look, try it out, and provide some feedback! boosted

The EU has created a unique opportunity for users of one of the most important and privacy sensitive online ecosystems to regain freedom of choice and sovereignty over their data.

More about this in
@matrix founder @matthew's blog post about a recent EU workshop:

#matrix #mimi #dma

We've finally published our full write-up of the all-day workshop on technical interoperability at the European Commission in Brussels. Come check out WhatsApp talking to Google Chat via Matrix while maintaining E2EE via client-side bridges, and more! boosted

Irony: That this is in the square outside the HQ of the BBC. boosted

The EU’s “chat control” legislation is the most alarming proposal I’ve ever read. Taken in context, it is essentially a design for the most powerful text and image-based mass surveillance system the free world has ever seen. boosted
KDE's NeoChat is getting quite close to be my daily driver graphical @matrix client boosted

If Meta is really working on a new ActivityPub-powered social network, I see it as a very positive signal overall--my personal feelings towards Meta notwithstanding. For one, it's validation for our entire ecosystem from the biggest player. It also tells me that they don't see themselves as strong enough to keep users locked inside their walled garden anymore. It means the tide is really turning for interoperable social media, and that's always been the goal.

Work on adding QR code authentication in the spec, a terminal Matrix client that uses vim keybindings (but we promise you can escape the Matrix), and improvement to the (community maintained) synapse admin cli… that and more happened this week in Matrix! boosted

Congrats to #matrix co-founder @matthew for rocking the last #DMAWorkshop, there was still quite a bit of buzz about how the live bridging demo carried a ton of weight, despite the lobbying efforts from #Meta, you can see it at around 14:00 in the live stream recording boosted

Spec work to improve notifications in Matrix, client-side bridging to prove that interoperability is a choice and even a demo of it in Matrix Live… that, and much more happened this week in Matrix! boosted

I wrote a bit about my experience in Brussels attending a workshop from the European Commission and representing @kde and @neochat, in case this interest anyone :) #DMAWorkshop boosted boosted

If you're interested in talking or collaborating with contributors to the Fedora Project, this is how you can join the conversation!

We have @matrix channels bridged to IRC for real time chat. We have the Fedora Discussion forum for long form conversations.

Both can be accessed with a Fedora account you can create, but Matrix is also available from other accounts since it is federated.
#Fedora #Matrix #Discourse

Come on over!

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