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F-Droid index just got updated. The @Fairphone launcher 3 can now be installed on lineage based ROMs as well. Also #riot got updated to v0.8.10. It can now send stickers!

Synapse v0.30.0 just landed, supporting all your GDPR needs. Even if you don't care about GDPR, you might like the Server Notices feature that allows for 'message of the day' functionality.

Hey, we have a new Synapse release candidate for you (v0.30.0-rc1), give it a try

This Week In Matrix is here!! All the updates from across the community, including Fractal, core team expansion, graphical Federation Testers, Matrix Live S02E19 and so much more!

Happy Friday people Synapse v0.29.1 just landed. Includes an officially supported dockerfile and a bunch of bug fixes/ tweaks. Check it out

Introducing Matrix Specification Changes - hopefully making it way easier for everyone to contribute to the Matrix Spec, and track where all the proposals are and what is needed to get them merged!!

Fascinating blog at from @tobias_bernard, detailing the plans to split the Fractal Matrix client into separate messenger and collaboration apps. Food for thought! (both bbq & banquet flavoured...)

Fascinating blog at @tobias_bernard, detailing the plans to split the Fractal Matrix client into separate messenger and collaboration apps. Food for thought!

We just released Synapse 0.29.0-rc1 includes our first officially supported Dockerfile. Give it a try!

This Week In Matrix is here!! Loads of updates from across the board, including a sneak peek from the ongoing Fractal Hackfest (which means we're down a Matrix Live this week). Get it whilst it's hot!

Reminder: if you hacked on something fun with Matrix this week, come tell us in so we can relay to the world in tomorrow’s This Week In Matrix blog post!

GDPR time everyone!! If you've been wondering how the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation legislation applies to Matrix, our current thoughts are up at

Super super excited that uhoreg, long time Matrix contributor from the community is joining the core Matrix team at the end of May, working fulltime on E2E usability, finishing the spec, homeservers and bridges!!

@eta yup, there’s a spurious presence bug in synapse we haven’t tracked down yet.

@gordon @duchesse LDAP is a bit of a mess in Matrix currently; we don't use it in the core team, and meanwhile the LDAP plugin for synapse is a bit simplistic. However: is where you'd put in a check to let non-LDAP usernames register. Alternatively try asking on; it's possible mxisd could also be a solution.

This Week In Matrix is out, giving all the updates and gossip from the wider Matrix Ecosystem!! - also featuring a bumper 30 minute edition of Matrix Live (S02E18) as we roam the hallways of Matrixland...