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Matrix Live Ep 18 is out for Patreons at, recapping all the releases and explaining what's coming up next... meanwhile last week's ep from SFO is up at boosted

@matrix I am building "client" that pukes every event in a room to mastodon (and twitter) - It isn' t done yet :D

Synapse 0.25 is now out... as is the long-awaited v0.3 of the Matrix Spec (CS API)!! (And all new Riot Web/iOS/Android is out too!) Synapse 0.25 gives full group support & lots of bug/perf fixes, and Spec 0.3 specs a bunch of missing CS API endpoints.

Release candidate for Synapse 0.25.0-rc1 is out, adding customisable visibility to rooms in groups (for latest group features in riot/web) and lots of bug fixes. please help us test!

Matrix Live Ep 17 is here for Patreons, coming live this week from SFO, featuring E2E updates, Groups, Dendrite and more! Last week's ep is here for everyone at:

Freenode<->Matrix bridging issues are now hopefully resolved (by giving the bridge way more resources) - apologies again for the disruption.

We're having major stability problems on the freenode bridge today (if you hadn't noticed; sorry for all the join/part spam). Working on it.

@shevek it depends on the RPi generation, but as long as you don’t join any massive rooms it should be fine.

@drequivalent Synapse should runs fine as long as you give it loads of RAM, at least until you have over ~30K simultaneous users - which is where we're at today on, and irritatingly troubleshooting that is taking manpower away from Dendrite dev :|

Hello hivemind - has anyone got Synapse working well against AWS RDS postgres?

@cjd tbf seems to be holding up pretty well :) And separately from that, Dendrite is looking to need ~10x less RAM than Synapse - almost to ircd proportions!

Super-excited for to move from Slack to Matrix + beautiful custom Riot skin &!!

This week's Matrix live is up for Patreons at - tune in to hear all about, spec fun & more!

Matrix talk is on at 14:00 at Learning Forum 1 (605) on Level 6 at #mozfest2017, complete with disturbing mannequins!

ROSS’S BOX HAS A GRAFANA IN IT!!! (and the synapse :D) #mozfest2017

#mozfest2017 folks - come find out what has in his box on Level 6!!