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For the brave amongst you checkout our latest release candidate v0.33.5rc1 For the doubly brave, try it out under python 3.5/3.6 - Synapse Py3 support is very new and comes with a big health warning, but any early testing gratefully received.

This Week In Matrix is here, featuring Fluffychat, Seaglass, Quaternion, Construct, Py3 Synapse, IRC conntracker, and a sneak peek at

RT @[email protected]: Unstoppable ridesharing requires unstoppable chat messaging.

Our @[email protected] homeserver is set up and ready to roll.

Looks like we're about to have the first integration of end-to-end encrypted chat into a wallet... :)


warning: doesn't yet work with Workers

Psst... don't tell anyone, but we just merged Python 3.5/3.6 support for Synapse into develop. If you want to help us dogfood & report any last utf8/byte issues (knowing that it might explode and/or format your cat), then git checkout develop! boosted

Been playing with #MiniVector, a minified version of the @matrix client #Riot for #Android, which is now live on @fdroidorg.

So far it's been good and stable. It feels snappier. I've been able to use some other apps without MiniVector being closed by the system due to running out of RAM. It's nice to have that back.

If I weren't running the develop version of Riot to help debugging and improving it, I'd definitely switch my main account over to it.

Good people, Synapse 0.33.4 is here. Enhancements to resource management and a bunch of bugs fixes. Check it out

This Week In Matrix is here! See stickers and E2E in Seaglass; hear about Py3 and lazy loading progress in Riot & Synapse; new XMPP bridges; Construct in the wild, and so much more...

Synapse critical security update has just been released as per yesterday’s planned disclosure announcement: . It impacts all previous Synapse versions. Please upgrade asap.

RT @[email protected]: Have you tried @[email protected] / @[email protected] already? We are hosting our own @[email protected] server. Click the link via and follow these instructions from @[email protected] Happy chatting!


RT @[email protected]: Interesting, Raiden uses @[email protected] protocol as reliable transport layer?


Website updates roundup! Now if you have a Matrix guide you can see it included on, and clients are listed in a useful features grid

Important: we have an upcoming critical security fix on the horizon for Synapse; we're doing a planned disclosure: Synapse will be released as a security update tomorrow at 12:00 UTC: all federated servers will need to upgrade. Sorry for hassle. boosted

Have you heard? For guests or @matrix / users, we're creating a special bridge to some of our channels in The Studio, our Discord server! Just head to and click 'View in Matrix' to get started.

RT @[email protected]: Meanwhile, fuel arrives for the upcoming Riot redesign...


Synapse release candidate time. If you would like to help us test ahead of the full release, checkout Synapse 0.33.4-rc1 Feedback always welcome. boosted