The government wants to get in your DMs.

The #OnlineSafetyBill will make messaging apps scan what you're saying and what images you're sharing before they get encrypted. It unlocks your privacy.

Email your MP (UK) today:

#BlockTheBill #PrivacyIsOnlineSafety #privacy #freedomofexpression

OTWSU is live in an hour. Take a seat, grab a snack, and come talk moderation of decentralised systems with us ⚖️

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Open Tech Will Save Us is back tomorrow, and… will it be enough to save us?

We're going to talk moderation with our guest: automation, politics, abuse, decentralised systems… how do they mix with Trust & Safety?

Come & ask your questions live.

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Fedifolks, you're here so it means at some point you had to pick an instance.

I would like to make an instance picker (à la for the @matrix website.

What were the important parameters for you when picking an instance? Language? Terms & Conditions? Code of Conduct? Age of the instance? Patch level of the instance? Structure running the instance?

In other words: how did you decide who to trust (or not) with your identity?

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Nice to see more and more @[email protected] usage for events! Matrix spaces where already default for @[email protected] 3 and seems also @[email protected] will use it. great to see!

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The blue bird seems to be going bonkers, and its new owner believes that hardcore coders are the solution all issues, including moderation.

But can moderation be automated? Can it be apolitical? Does it work on decentralised systems like Mastodon, and how does it scale?

Come and ask questions to our guest today Nov 30 at 18:00 CET to find out what the hell is happening on platforms these days.

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we got rid of MS Teams - it was simply too buggy and our engineers use linux...which isn't supported anymore officially.

We're now using and the hosted on our own infrastructure and it is really a relieve!

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This is probably worth repeating regularly: open source is about making your problem upstream's problem.

If you do not support said upstream, it will quickly become your problem again.

Invest on your own future. Reduce your long term costs. Support your upstream. boosted

Live in 30 minutes: live coding #Rust for #Matrix: adopting an existing device in our example bot.

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I put together a basic proof of concept for using existing #Mastodon installations as SSO for #Matrix, using #Synapse. Here's what the authentication and authorization flow for that looks like!

While Mastodon doesn't support #OpenlD Connect, OIDC is just OpenlD on top of OAuth2.0. If your app allows configuring all URLS for your ldP you can use nearly any OAuth2.0 provider.

Avatars currently aren't supported via this (| added one) but can be! Working on a patch for Synapse! boosted

PSA: Support open standards in tech. Otherwise you'll get locked into ecosystems that abuse you. Thank you - that is all.

Faster room joins, webhooks, a Hydrogen release…

This, and much more happened this week in Matrix!

Synapse 1.72 is out! Come read all about improvement for threads, the removal of support for Postgres 10, new features around relations, and more on our blog boosted


Currently 452 of us in the "Mastodon Administrators" @matrix channel. Also a side channel for moderation specific stuff.!VMUpuubSCTxMbZkuZ

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Officially launching, rich and embedded webhooks for matrix. Discord Webhooks API compatible.
More this friday on "This Week On Matrix" cc @[email protected]
source code is here: feel free to contribute !

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I've blogged about the end-to-end encryption work in NeoChat but entirely forgot to tell people about it so... here it is boosted

For those of you on @matrix there's now a fledgling #ocaml space on either or which has channels for Eio and MirageOS to start with. Thanks @talex5! boosted

It's been less than 24 hours and #mastodon is already extremely fun to use, thanks in large part to the welcoming community out here.

If anyone has a line on an #activitypub <==> #matrix bridge though, I might be interested in hosting it on (or building my own, eventually) 😇

🧐Vous vous demandez comment héberger votre communauté avec du logiciel libre ?
😎 RDV en salle B208 pour un tuto détaillé par @[email protected] sur comment déployer votre propre serveur Matrix, on aura peut être même le tps de parler bridges vers Discord & co!
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Heading to @capitoledulibre for a @matrix workshop about everything Matrix at 10:30 CET, and a talk on how to create a cozy and safe nest for your community at 15:30 CET

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I suppose I should do an actual #introduction post instead of just saying hello 😅

I'm based out of Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 as a @matrix Spec Core Team (SCT) member, help keep a local makerspace open, run, and build completely unnecessary A/V racks for events I volunteer at (which I'll probably end up posting about).

With the spare time I have left (none), I collect/play #magicthegathering and start software projects I'll definitely maybe finish one day, probably.

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