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Lots of discussion recently about how Matrix is a safer alternative to Slack for cryptocurrency folks: see the demo!

@tdemin choice is always good :) (plus E2E + bridging is kinda missing the point of E2E)

Fun concept artwork for the #Librem5. Was feeling sad Matrix isn't in the icons when we realised it's the whole bottom row!!

DENDRITE PROGRESS!! Congrats to for landing 3rd party invites this week as the final piece of his summer placement with us! 🎉

Awesome new high-level overview of Matrix's E2E encryption from uhoreg:! boosted

J'ai juste rechargé mon compte @Liberapay pour continuer mes contributions pour @matrix et @Gargron!

yup :( typing is not always our forte... for now it's left as is in favour of fixing functional problems. @wxcafe

This week's Matrix Live is up for patrons! With and more! Last week:

We can now accept donations via direct bank transfer for folks who can't Patreon, Liberapay or BTC/ETH. DM or mail for the IBAN details.

WOOHOO!!! We just hit our 1st #patreon goal $2500/m: pays for ½ a fulltime dev to work on Matrix! Thanks @VickySteeves! Next goal: $5000!

This week's Matrix Live is up for Patreons! talks Riot 0.12, #Librem5 etc! Last week:

@davidpgil we would love for someone to write a gnu-social/matrix bridge - it would be pretty trivial and get best of both worlds.