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We installed 100 independent @matrixdotorg servers 🍾

Go get the 101st on

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Worrying about personal data and privacy? Wishing to communicate with (potential) clients on multiple platforms in one place? @matrixdotorg has your solution @matrixdotorg

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@technobaboo I have a matrix homeserver on a DO droplet which has appservices which set up puppets for discord/slack/irc/whatever. So it's all going through my homeserver with linux containers. I'd suggest if you're interested in getting a similar setup. 😁

That's why we provide paid email service based on migadu - no ads, no bullshit, just good email service with neat features and honest terms.
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So Outlook just asked me if I want to upgrade to... bigger ads?

I've never in my entire life been more confused by the intent behind a piece of copy...

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Our @matrixdotorg backend is up, including the kuma status dashboard, though still a bit empty ;) ...

thanks @etkecc for setting it up!

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