Warning: no more updates will be posted on Twitter.

That platform decided to disable free APIs, thus making POSSE with Twitter quite demanding, and it looks like our customers don't care about Twitter much.

As usual, you can find the latest updates on etke.cc/news


Lack of rooms discovery for new users is one of the issues we noticed while installing and hosting hundreds of Matrix servers on etke.cc
Today, we welcome you to MatrixRooms.info, a search engine built for matrix rooms discovery.

The current index contains over 230,000 rooms across 19,000 servers, and even non-English users may find it useful because it does automatic language detection in room names and topics.

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Phew, we figured out proper message replacement mechanism and from now on our news will have proper "(updated)" note within title.

You don't know what's it about? It's about lazy devs, DRY principle and POSSE (indieweb term). We don't actually post any news on website - we just send messages in our matrix news room and automatically export them using gitlab.com/etke.cc/emm

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