Wanna bridge emails to matrix? Use gitlab.com/etke.cc/postmoogle

Wanna send emails from matrix server (notifications and verifications)? Use gitlab.com/etke.cc/postmoogle

Yes, you can use postmoogle to send email from matrix, through matrix, to matrix (copy), to email, just as we do at etke.cc

@etkecc I’m kind of hesitant to set it up because I don’t want to run a SMTP server. I am just looking for a way to bridge Mails to Matrix from an existing SMTP account.

@preya in such case you may look into other email bridges, because postmoogle doesn't work in your case

@etkecc Yeah that’s what I figured out :( Any chance this will be a feature at some point in the future?


@preya it will, If somebody implement it and send an MR. Everything we do is open source

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