Wanna bridge emails to matrix? Use

Wanna send emails from matrix server (notifications and verifications)? Use

Yes, you can use postmoogle to send email from matrix, through matrix, to matrix (copy), to email, just as we do at

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@etkecc I’m kind of hesitant to set it up because I don’t want to run a SMTP server. I am just looking for a way to bridge Mails to Matrix from an existing SMTP account.

@preya in such case you may look into other email bridges, because postmoogle doesn't work in your case

@etkecc Yeah that’s what I figured out :( Any chance this will be a feature at some point in the future?

@preya it will, If somebody implement it and send an MR. Everything we do is open source

@etkecc Unfortunately all other Email Bridges seem to be pretty crappy :(

@preya that's the reason why we developed postmoogle. Customers asked for an email bridge, but we didn't find anything suitable for us, thus developed it from scratch

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